• Saving weight
  • Saving emissions
  • Saving lives

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3D molded fireproof parts in complex geometries that can be engineered like metallics

To reduce weight in applications, simplify the design methodology, or introduce fireproof materials into complex shapes/spaces, a 3D molded part will be required.

We have developed a compression molding system to successfully produce parts from 2mm thick upwards to offer both fire and particle/debris protection, and also structural integrity as an ultra-lightweight alternative to metallic systems.

The parts can be machined, coated, and fastened. They can be combined with a thin metallic outer molded part as a liner to increase fire performance.

Mass transportation applications

We see these being used right across the mass transportation sectors, but mainly in:

  • Small e-vehicles - 2w and 3w
  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • eVTOL
  • Specialist and military vehicles
  • Rail