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  • Saving lives

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Ultra-lightweight, thin, and flexible fire protection up to 1200˚c to instantly fireproof structures

For applications that require flexible profiles or shapes, or already have a structural substrate that requires fireproofing, FR.3D is the perfect high-performance lightweight material solution.

A portfolio of hybrid multi-functional solutions combines our 1mm flexible fireproof mat with either mica, PU/silicone foams or other composite materials.

These have been extensively tested to protect over 1200˚c for 1 hour without any burn through and very low cold face temperatures.

Bespoke size and shape

Sheets can be made to any size and shape, fully sealed and delivered ready to install in kit format. We provide the option of a peel off self-adhesive on one side to simplify integration.

Whilst suitable for any fire protection application, these solutions are being widely adopted in the energy storage, marine and telecoms sectors to instantly fireproof existing structures or enclosures.