The ultimate combination of lightweight
and ultra high temperature performance

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Carbon fibre composite materials that combine carbon fibres and a proprietary resin combination to deliver exceptional performance in high temperature and fire scenarios whilst emitting almost zero smoke or gases.

With 2mm thick FR.10 materials weighing less than 3kg/m2, they offer lightweight protection as well as being efficient to install and transport. FR.10 product tests have included a successful 7hr fire resistance test at 1500˚C.

Ideal for applications where weight reduction is key, yet compliance with fire regulations is required.

FR.10 can be used as a standalone structural material (5mm and upwards) or as an extremely lightweight fire retardant insert into an sandwich structure (2mm).

FR.10 is available in large modular sheets (1.3m x 0.8m) in thicknesses from 2mm up to 20mm, or as finished net shape parts; FR.10 is not a carbon prepreg. It can be easily joined or bonded using conventional fasteners or adhesives. FR.10 materials are corrosion free and impervious to industrial solvents and chemicals.

FR.10 materials can be easily combined with other third party materials to create a bespoke solution.

Available in large volumes on 7 day lead times.

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