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Structural laminate solutions protecting up to 2000˚c for hours from only 1mm thickness

We manufacture a portfolio of patented fireproof laminates ranging from 1mm, 2mm or 5mm thickness. The 1mm product weighs as little as 1.5kg per m2.

The materials have been extensively fire tested across multiple applications up to 2000˚c with no burn through for several hours and very low heat transfer.

In 2023, the 2mm laminate successfully survived the challenging UL 2596 combined high pressure battery pack fire and particle tests, outperforming all other existing products in the market.

For new energy battery markets, the materials are often combined with an additional functional material to meet the needs of the applications:

  • Structural cell dividers - 1mm laminate double skinned with a compression foam to expand/contract in use but preventing/delaying cell-to-cell propagation in a thermal runaway fire event. Supplied in any dimension cut to part shape.
  • Module protection - a 1mm or 2mm laminate combined with a mica paper/skin to enable containment of the fire and particle ejecta to a specific area within the battery pack. The mica element provides dielectric insulation and enhanced thermal performance. Supplied in any dimension cut to put shape.
  • Pack/Enclosure protection - materials can be used as a thin liner inside an existing metallic or plastic structure.

The materials can be engineered and integrated like metallics - can be machined, waterjet, drilled/tapped, fastened, bonded, and painted.

They are suitable for use right across the new energy and battery related markets, as well as in offshore and infrastructure applications.