High temperature, durable
tooling and jig materials.

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Cost effective alternative to all conventional tooling solutions with unique performance capabilities.

360 combines the precision benefits of an exceptionally low CTE (5.4) and a temperature resistance of 300˚C in a single directly millable tooling material.

Materials are available with thicknesses from 5-20mm and in sizes up to 1.3m x 0.8m. 360 is lightweight, easy to machine, bond or mechanically fasten enabling block-up to produce large net surface areas.

Suitable for high precision direct-to-part tooling, assembly fixtures, jigs or backing structures. The materials can be used either in or out of autoclave.

Available in large volumes on 7 day lead-times.

Material properties:


1.49 g/cm3

Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)


Heat deflection


Compressive shear strength

330 MPa

Compressive modulus

16 GPa

Shore hardness


Flexural strength

63 MPa

Flexural modulus

9.2 GPa