• Saving time
  • Saving cost
  • Saving waste

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Fast direct to part carbon tooling materials with a CTE of only 2.85*
* See below report

360 is highly cost effective and saves over 80 processing hours when compared with conventional composite tooling processes, enabling users to design and produce components much faster and free up capacity for additional projects.

CFP hold 360 in stock for immediate delivery or can deliver in large volumes on short lead times

All users need do once they receive their boards is the following quick and easy process:

  • Block them up using standard adhesives*
  • Machine their required shape/profile with conventional cutting tools*.
  • Apply standard release agent, no sealing required*
  • Autoclave and you have your component

360 is the more durable long-life alternative to epoxy boards and the cost down solution when compared with Invar tooling.

360 takes all the time and hassle out of tooling without sacrificing performance.

(*see user guide for specific guidelines and recommended materials)

Or you can easily fabricate board as below to save time, cost and weight

Click on the below video of 360 being machined