Impact and fire resistant carbon fibre and
aramid hybrid composites.

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1.2.1 products combine carbon and aramid fibres to produce a lightweight impact and fire resistant 4mm composite sandwich material.

Weighing less than 6kg/m2, 1.2.1 materials are efficient to transport and install without the need for specialist equipment. Suitable for industrial impact protection in hostile environments, 1.2.1 materials are weatherproof and impervious to industrial chemicals. They are available in large volumes with short lead times and the material sheets (available up to 1.3 x 0.8 m) are easily joined with mechanical fixings to produce larger surface areas.

1.2.1 materials can be used as a cladding on an existing structure or framework with the modular format facilitating rapid replacement or repair if required. 1.2.1 products are ideal for use as a core or insert providing lightweighting opportunities in existing applications such as equipment enclosures and light ballistic protection.